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                      Xinyitong Translation Translation Company, one of China's leading translation & interpretation companies, dedicates itself in providing our clients with highly professional language solutions. Based in Shanghai, the biggest cosmopolitan city in China, WTC has built an outstanding reputation for providing extraordinary services with meticulous attention to detail since 1999 and offers its services worldwide.

                      In a global marketplace distinguished by remarkable growth and consolidation, WTC consistently provides superior results, fast connections, adherence to deadlines and responsive customer service that will assist in effective communication and organizational development.

                      With over 2000 highly competent professionals with a strong track-record of performance and years of experience, WTC offers a variety of language solutions including translation, interpretation, subtitling, voice-over, website localization etc. to businesses, government organizations, educational institutions and individuals.

                      In addition to our large pool of linguists located all over the nation, we are part of a network of more than 100 language firms, which themselves have large pools of linguists scattered all over China and the world. So when you need an interpreter or translator, chances are we have one or several in or near your town to serve you.

                      We offer the optimum combination of quality, reliability and price, a balanced approach perfected during more than 6 years of service. Our dedicated professionals, knowledgeable about the specific requirements of translation and interpreting, are ready to deliver premium products whenever and wherever you need them.